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    Unique on the market! This Meybo Patron bike is a high-end race bike and direct world cup ready out of the box.
    The Meybo 2021 Holeshot frame is build with quality components and the light Carbon Fork and Rims complete this bike.


    The Meybo Superclass complete bike is a light weight high end race bike that is ready for competition straight out of the box. The Superclass completes featured Box components and SD parts which makes this bike attractive for every racer. Available in 6 sizes for a price that you will not find anywhere else in this class.


    The Meybo Clipper complete bike is a light weight competitive race bike that is ready for competition straight out of the box. The bike features the Meybo Clipper aluminum frame in the exact geometry as the well proven Meybo Holeshot bikes and frames. This is an unbelievable bike for the price.

  • TLNT

    The new Meybo TLNT also written as Meybo Talent bike is designed as entry level BMX race bike with a perfect price to match. The Meybo TLNT is track ready and are great way to get into the sport.


    Are you ready to boost your local pumptrack? We have the ultimate bike for you, in 3 sizes available!

    The Booster bikes are the perfect mix of a BMX race bike and a Dirt bike to make sure you rock the streets, pumptrack and even the BMX race track.


    Over the years we have expanded our brand but the power of custom bikes has not been lost. All our dealers can create your Meybo dreambike but we have some cool setups here available as well. For more info about custom built bikes please visit your local Meybo dealer or contact us by our contact page.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item